Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples


I specialise in working with addiction / dependency, anger management, anxiety, bereavement, depression, identity issues, men as primary childcarers, parenting issues and creativity such as writing and other forms of artistic expression. I am experienced in working with a range of other issues and can support you whatever you are struggling with.

The pace of modern life can be exhausting and overwhelming. We can find it difficult to make time for contact with ourselves, other people, leisure, exercise, relaxation or reflection. You may engage in activities or behaviours that you are unhappy about.
In order to relate to others in a healthy way each of needs to begin by doing so with our self. I often hear people refer to their best friend in terms of another person. I believe our best friend is our self and it is vital to invest in our relationship with our self. I know from my experience of stepping back and becoming aware of my thoughts, feelings and physical experience I can then make choices that support me rather than react without consideration for myself and others.

I believe we can have a creative, joyful life even in the face of life’s challenges. We come into adulthood with experiences that affect our wellbeing. There may also be many rules, inhibitions and fears that influence our lives. My role as a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor is to support you as a unique and resourceful human being to draw on your own self knowledge to form a more satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

I offer both a time limited period of counselling to focus on a particular issue and a longer process of psychotherapy which explores in more depth what shapes your behaviour, thought processes and emotional experience. As well as drawing on my extensive training, I also bring my compassion, respect, warmth and honesty to our work together. I provide a confidential, non-judgmental environment where you are free to explore any issues that you choose to bring.


You may feel distant from each other and struggle with communication. Are there life events that have impacted your relationship? I can support you with working through your struggles whether that is to strengthen your relationship and remain together or work towards ending.  I will facilitate the opportunity for you to hear each other, empathise with each other, build respect for your differences, grow kindness and see the value of your relationship.

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